Nick wakely


Nick Wakely has performed all over the world; on stages in Russia, Scotland, England, and the United States.


After working professionally as an actor in his home city of Boston, he attended East 15 Acting School's MFA Acting program in 2013 and is now an actor and director back in the United States. 


Selected credits include Macbeth (Globe Theatre Education), Fleance (Sam Wanamaker Playhouse), Juror 8 in 'Twelve Angry Jurors' (Fourth Wall Theatre), the Soldier in 'Blasted' (60 Grit Theatre Company), and Romeo in Shakespeare's Globe 'Read Not Dead' reading series. He can also be found on Amazon Prime's 'Real Love' mini series. 



THEATER (selected)

Juror 8/Twelve Angry Jurors | Fourth Wall Theatre | Kelly Morgan

Soldier/ Blasted | 60 Grit Theatre Co. | Lindsay Higgins

Tate/ Reconciling | Edinburgh Fringe | Julia Hinson

Stephen Ryle/Three Birds Alighting On A Field  | Tristan Bates Theatre | Tony Graham

Valdez/Jesus Hopped the A Train | East 15 Acting School | Tim Sandifer 

Macbeth/ Macbeth | Shakespeare's Globe | Philip Cumbus  

Fleance/ Macbeth | Sam Wanamaker | Ben Crystal

Glagoyev/Platonov | GITIS/Moscow | Vera Barbicheva

Interview With a Genius | Edinburgh Fringe | Adam Willis



“He has an exceptional wit and gift for the delivery of it. His research of roles performed reveals a delicate melding of himself and the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects of the character, and quite a natural ability. His handling of dialogue is so mature and his sensitive nuance delivering it allows the audience to believe him without question, especially in classical work.”
- Kelly Morgan, founder of the Mint Theatre NYC
“His Carmen Ghia in The Producers, mincing and hissing across the stage, was quite unlike his fearless, swashbuckling Aramis in The Three Musketeers, intriguing with a sword and a bottle.  Both of those roles stood in stark contrast to his neurotic Felix in The Odd Couple, fixating on dust and disorder and continually trying to clear his sinuses, and his Jack in The Boys Next Door, mature, caring, and emotionally drained as he struggles to keep his wards safe while simultaneously searching for a new way forward in his own life.  From broadest bit to subtlest nuance, Nick’s acting is totally credible.”
- Peter Anderegg, Playwright & Screenwriter 
“He is an actor of depth and great range, committed to his craft and a delight to work with.“
- Rebecca Root, star of BBC’s Boy Meets Girl
“A credit to the theatre.“
- Andrew Phillips, Baron Phillips of Sudbury OBE

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